Quarter of 7/1/2020 to 9/30/2020: "Stolen" Documents by Object Type

PLEASE READ: "Stolen" documents are non-web-page objects on your web site, such as images, audio and video, which have apparently been embedded in or directly linked to by someone else's web pages. This DOES NOT necessarily mean that the image has been "stolen" in any legal sense, and it is possible for web browsers to give incorrect information resulting in a small number of "false positive" results. It is your responsibility to investigate and follow up on this information by exploring the referring pages. If you see various references to your own site in the list of referring pages, you will need to expand your list of server aliases to include all valid names for your web server. You (or your hosting company) can do this through the Wusage configuration editor.

Sorted by Number of External Links


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Rank Document External Links %
1 /home_title.gif [Referrers] 30 1.02
2 /title_new.gif [Referrers] 29 0.99
3 /images/wwe.jpg [Referrers] 29 0.99
4 /images/homepage/walter_tribute.jpg [Referrers] 28 0.95
5 /curriculum/benoit.jpg [Referrers] 4 0.14
6 /curriculum/edge.jpg [Referrers] 2 0.07
7 /curriculum/hhh.jpg [Referrers] 2 0.07
8 /trainers/w1.jpg [Referrers] 1 0.03

Cascading Style Sheets

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Rank Document External Links %
1 /kk.css [Referrers] 80 2.72